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so "You Can Bet Your Boots on Us!"

  • If We are Doing Business with You in person at Our New Braunfels Office - You Must Schedule an Appointment as We are not always in the office.

We Now Have an Office in New Braunfels, TX

We were a home based business & lived in Cedar Park, TX (yes we still service Cedar Park & Surrounding areas) We had some Personal/Family reasons for our relocation & honestly were hesitant to "move that far" But are elated to share that it has opened us up to provide our Excellent Services not only in the Greater Austin Area & Hill Country but Now from the out skirts of San Antonio to Houston & Corpus area as well ...

We currently Personally cover & Offer Same Day & Rush Serves to :

  • I-35 San Antonio - Austin - Temple - Dallas

  • I-10 San Antonio to Houston

  • 281 San Antonio to Marble Falls

  • I-37 San Antonio to Corpus

  • & all the little towns along the way

We also have access to an extensive group of Professional Service Providers Nationwide! Unfortunately we can not control how someone else runs their business & Many of them, however amazing they may be do not use body cams like we do, Nor do they respond as quickly making some Rush/Same-Day Serves have to start within 24 hrs of securing an out of network server for you... if we have to get you someone that is "Out of Network" there could be a 1-2 day Start Delay & Body Cam Service may not be available. You an always opt to have one of our Amazing Team Members go anywhere in Texas you need them however there will be additional fees for travel & expenses if they have to do an overnight to complete your job .. but complete it they will if at all possible!

In the State of TEXAS

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & Sundays are Prohibited Days to Attempt Service

We do not attempt on: The Eves of Thanksgiving & Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years Day unless there is a URGENT need to do so.

This Could Extend Some Service Times to allow for these days for our Fantastic Servers to have some down time.

Service of Process

Each Job is Calculated individually Based on Job Criteria Including Zipcode, Paper Type & Speed Option:

Unless You Are on Our Preferred Client Program all Jobs Times Begin Once Payment has been received.

Standard Starts @ $120.00 = No Impending Deadline We Fit It in Where We Can ..

Most Jobs completed within a few days-a couple of weeks

Expedited Starts @ $180.00 = Not Urgent But You'd Like All Attempts Completed within 15 days of Payment

Rush Starts @ $250 = A Little More Urgent All Atempts Completed within 8 days

Priority Rush Starts @ $375.00 = Pretty Urgent - Job Started within 36 hours & All Attempts Completed Within 4 Days of Start Day.... We Strongly advise scheduling this one for a start date that will include a Saturday when possible.

Same-Day Rush Starts @ $550 = Very Urgent - Job Starts within 8 hours & all attempts Completed within 48 hours - depending on start day you may or may not get a Saturday ...

Extra Days Available Upon Request - You Choose the day(s) You want and a 3 hour window for the server to attempt in Fee will be added to previously Paid Invoice so all your billing is in one place - emailed Amended Invoice must be paid prior to scheduling the extra days.

We also offer "Wait Time"

Most Attempts are less tan 10 Min

- If you want the server to arrive at a certain time attempt & if unsuccessful wait for potential activity this can be contracted as well.

-Options here are you buy a block of time and allocate it to 1 or more attempts .. if you want to strengthen your chances this can be negotiated upfront and spread out over allocated number of attempts you decide which attempts to allocate it to & get how many minutes for said attempts

Standard Service of Process

Standard Speed Starts at $120 to Most Texas Cities

This is Per Person Being Served & at 1 Address

Additional Fees & Mileage May Apply if Very Rural, Over the allowable miles, property is Gated &/or No Trespass ...

Completion time 30 Day Guarantee -

Standard Speed Jobs are Fit in to the servers routes where they fit ...

Most are completed faster but faster service is not a given with "Standard Speed"

When You Need it Now - "You Can Bet Your Boots on US!"

Disclaimer: Actual Service is Not Guaranteed - While We Are Extremely good at what we do and the ultimate goal for every serve is for it to be Successful or Effective, Sometimes that's just not possible as you may not have been provided the most current address of record, Subjects can avoid, evade, move without notice or otherwise just have been unavailable during attempts.

- What You Get is:

  • The Attempts to Deliver Service of Process for Texas it Will Have to Include 1 Saturday

  • Proof of Service - when successful & E-filed into your case when available - Emailed to You When Not.

  • Proof of Non Service in Support of Alternate Service - When a good address just has not been successful you may consider the option of asking for alternate service - with your proof of Diligent Attempts from us the court may grant Alternate Service where they may be Sub-Served through another adult at the address & or Posted to the Entry Door, Private Gate etc...

  • Proof of Non-Service - Verified Bad Address, Subject Incarcerated, Deceased, In a Care Facility with No Power of Attorney etc....

APPLIES TO ALL Service of Process Orders

Beyond the Standard Speed which is typically above average already .. we have several other speed choices ..

the prices below again are "Start At" & Based on Document Type & Delivery ZipCode

We understand our fees are perhaps more than other companies but when you need the best of the best we deliver! The Peace of mind alone is worth the extra when every minute counts ... and if you're looking at priority-rush or even a Same-Day our devotion & dedication will absolutely amaze you.

15 Days to Complete $180


8 Days to Complete $250

Started within 36hrs

4 Operational Days to Complete $375

*only includes Saturday if started on a Wednesday-Saturday

Started within 8 hrs 48 Operational Hrs to Complete $550

*only includes Saturday if started on Friday or Saturday



Total Devotion to Your Job

with Immediate Action

We coordinate a team & immediately get going

If within driving distance

(Typically a 4 hour radius)

our Elite Team(s) will be on the road to your requested location in an hour or less.

If not within driving distance

Immediate action will be taken to coordinate getting the Elite Team(s) to Your Job ASAP!

  • Each Team includes 2 of our Most Elite

1 Process Server &

1 Assistant (for driving, extra eyes, periodic relief etc.)

  • Round the Clock watch & wait

We inconspicuously post up & wait for target to surface

  • We stay as long as you need until job is done or you are satisfied that all possible efforts have been exhausted

Our Goal is to Meet Your Needs, With 100% irrefutability , Serve Your Target & get your job done


We will Coordinate with you to create a job specific plan, We send You Our Best Team or Multiple Teams. We can Stagger them, send them in waves or

1 Giant Tsunami Soaking


Add On's

Additional Services to make your Service of Process go more smoothly.

Extra Time at Each Stop or 1 Long Block

Skip Trace


Irrefutable Proof of Service Available

Preferred Client Program

Raising each other up through unbeatable excellence.

When You Need the Best of The Best & You Need them Right Now You don't need to have to spend hours looking for someone who can get the job done!

Get on Board... Make us Your Go-To... Get the Peace of Mind that goes with just knowing it's gonna Get Done & that our work Truly is irrefutable!

  • Members get Priority Status on ALL Jobs

  • Get to Collaborate with us so you can see All Job Progress in one place

  • Have the ability to Initiate New Jobs any time of day or night

  • Can Download Job Images and Notes Directly without having to wait for us to get off the road

  • Can Have the option to negotiate terms of payment up to 90 days with a deposit on hand

  • & Maybe Best of All Qualify for Referral Bonuses

Every one of our clients are very important to us However, if you value us enough to become a Preferred Member Clients we Show Our Appreciation in many ways ...

1st Preferred Members Jobs are Top Priority

Preferred Clients can request terms upto 90 days to pay

Collaboration is the process of two or more people, entities or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. Collaboration is similar to cooperation....

Yes Lets Do This!

Did you know that once you accept our invitation to collaborate you can initiate jobs from your side & simply upload the documents and we can get to work even faster !

you will also have 24/7 access to download job details & images