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One of my Favorite Things about Texas is the Small Town Squares with Old Court Houses ...  

Do You Know Where I Was This Day? 

They Have A Nice Little Farmers Market on Weekends ...

Love The Local Rivers

  So Happy to Live In 

This Part of Texas 

Giving Back Where We Can 

A+TX Civil Process Proudly Supports 

Send Someone a Little Hug Today 


If they are just on your mind ....

or you think they could just "use a little Pick-Me-Up",

 They probably need it more than you know!

And just knowing  someone cares right now 

could be enough to get them through Today!

Having been through the Un-Imaginable Personally in Recent Years ... 

Things I certainly didn't think I could or would survive but did 

 - those who know me know the story-

 I am Driven to Help others when / where I can .. 

I feel like its a Calling & a Duty for the Blessings I have received to date.

 Blessings that have countered all the negative & opened my eyes to

 the fact that often where help is promised it doesn't really exist ..

which can lead to acts of desperation..

 with profoundly painful consequences for yourself or others close to you .... 

  I am proud to share that in addition to building A+TX Civil...

 I have finally launched an independent foundation to battle Domestic issues 

in many forms  & help people through some of the worst events imaginable.. 

if you are interested in knowing more, in need of help

or want to become part of the Solutions

 even just interested in simply  following my journey 

 check out 

I am sharing this here because a percentage of all A+TX Civil Profits will go towards the foundation.

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No Matter What Life Throws At Me ... I Will Just Keep Pushing Forward... Never Quit! 

  I Urge You to do the Same .. Pick Yourself, Pick Someone Else Up if You Can, Dust Off That Frozen Feeling & Take a Step Towards Your Future -  A Different Tomorrow is Waiting for YOU to Create It!

 <3 DL:)

"The Best Way 

To Predict Your Future


 To Create It!"