Services & Products

License Plate Look up

In Field Verification to Know if your target is associated with any vehicles at that address.

we can also obtain vehicle registration* & plate info prior to attempting an address 

*While this info can be helpful it isn't always the most accurate.

Just because a person has a vehicle "Regestered" at an address it doesn't mean they actually live there .. Sometimes people move & wait to change the registration address until it is due again, sometimes people will keep a vehicle registered at a parents address, or a property they own but don't live at because it costs them less than their actual location ... 

WatchDog Monthly Service

If you have a hard to find subject

 That has a tendency to have run-in's with the Law 

We can place them on the Watch List 

If they get arrested we can serve them in jail.

Online Dating Brings w/it Tons of Significant Unknowns - We Can Help Find Out If They are Telling the Truth or Not 


While we may not be able to give you any personal details we can see if their phone number pulls info or if it's likely a burner, if they're married,  have a criminal history etc ... 

We Can Give You the Simple YES or No so You KNOW before You Go! 

All Your Data & Files 

Price Varies based on size of storage required for Your Data  

Ink & Roll

 We Started Doing these during covid when we had a client in need of them for a realtor license application or renewal because they were   required in Colorado & NoWhere was open to perform the service for him ...