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Civil Service of Process 

Personal/Individual -  Entity/Corporate -  Registered Agent 

Delivery to ALL  TEXAS  State Offices in Austin

 including the SOS, TWC, Insurance Commissioner... 

All Registered Agent Companies in Austin & Other Major Texas Cities.

Proudly Introducing   A+TX Business Services  

Offering the Same Great Service Of Process & Notary Experiences You've Come to Love 

just  added a bunch of new amazing services ... 

Service of Process, E-Filing, Notary, Registered Agent,

  Private Mailing Address , Virtual Mailbox, & so much more ...... 


We Truly Serve All of TEXAS

We have dedicated servers covering 


DFW -  Dallas, Tarrant, Denton & Collin  Counties

( & All of the little places No-One Knows)




Brownsville - Cameron, Hidalgo & Wilacy Counties 

There are so many more places 

 We've got you covered even better than before 


  if we do not have a server covering the city/town you need we do have access to 

a nationwide database  so we can attempt to find someone semi- local to deliver your documents .


Please keep in mind however that Texas is HUGE, 

much of Texas is very rural &  a lot of it doesn't have "Daily Coverage" 

Our New Elite Teams will however go ANYWHERE for you, Stay as Long as You Need

 & Get the Job Done ... 

  and  As Always ... "You Can Bet Your Boots on Us!"

You Might be asking yourself  Why Choose A+TX Civil 

For Service of Process, To Be Your Registered Agent, For Notary or Other Business related Services ... 

It's Simple - When Needing The Job Done Fast & Accurate - With Irrefutable Proof - There's No Better Choice...

We Aim For & Deliver the Results You Want & Need!   ~  So "You Can Always Bet Your Boots On Us"!

Service of Process

All of Our Process Servers are 

TX JBCC Certified 

A+TX Trained for Excellence

When Nothing But the Best Will Do ... 

We are Here for You!

You Can Bet Your Boots on Us!


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A+TX Civil Process, Notary & Investigations

Has added some awesome Business Services 

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We  Are a TEXAS Based America Loving Company 

Offering Professional, Business & Legal Industry Support Services 

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 as Always "You Can Bet Your Boots on Us!


No Problem for A+TX  Civil

We  go the distance to find the most current Address & Other Information Available! 

We E-file 

The Proof

 of Service 

Can E-File 

Your Documents 

Target Locator

It could take a few weeks -months for More Recent Relocations, Lease Skippers, & Evictions but they almost always surface in under 3 months rarely does it take longer unless they've gone "off grid" or everything's in someone else's name..  but they will eventually surface & we will find them.

Access to Other Professional

We are very well connected with &  can highly recommend  Other Industry Related Professionals who offer services we are unable to offer directly. 

This is to be able to expand the overall success rate of our jobs for you...  & Offer Services You May not Know You Need 

If you  have a need for, 

Private Investigations 


Private Professional Transportation

Fugitive Recovery

We can arrange this for you or

 connect you with one of our

 respected & preferred professionals.