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A+TX Civil Process, Notary & Investigations

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We Now Have An Office in New Braunfels Texas

We were a home based business & lived in Cedar Park, TX (yes we still service Cedar Park & Surrounding areas) We had some Personal/Family reasons for our relocation & honestly were hesitant to "move that far" But are elated to share that it has opened us up to provide our Excellent Services not only in the Greater Austin & Hill Country Areas

but Now from the out skirts of San Antonio to Houston as well ...

We currently Personally cover & Offer Same Day & Rush Serves to :

  • I-35 San Antonio - Austin- Temple

  • I-10 San Antonio to Houston

  • 281 San Antonio to Marble Falls

  • & all the little towns along the way

We also have access to an extensive group of Professional Service Providers Statewide & Nationwide! Unfortunately we can not control how someone else runs their business &

Many of them, however amazing they may be do not use body cams like we do & don't respond as quickly either making some Rush/Same-Day Serves have to start within 24 hrs of securing an out of network server for you... if we have to get you someone that is "Out of Network" there could be a 1-2 day Start Delay & Body Cam Service may not be available.

We are a Texas Based America Loving Company Offering A Wide Variety of Professional

Business & Legal Industry Support Services

- Let's Grow Together-

All of Our Process Servers are TX JBCC Certified

We Now Offer Texas Business's Registered Agent Services

Private Business Mailing Address's

Professional & Punctual Mobile Notary Services

Skip Trace Investigation's

Find the most current Address Info Available It could take several months for More Recent Relocations, Lease Skippers, & Evictions but they almost always surface in under 3 months rarely does it take longer.

WatchDog Service's Will let Us Know if Your Hard To Find Target Is Booked into Any Texas Jail

Legal & Business Courier Service We'll Come Get It

Deliver It Go Get It Round Trip It

Your Documents Sealed in Box Securely Transported from A-B

Notary Witnesses Available if You Don't have one

Professional Couriers

Private Mailing Address

We Can E-File Your Documents

We Do Ink & Roll Finger Prints for the Rare Occasion when the Fancy Digital ones are Not Acceptable & Old Fashioned Ink is needed

We Love You TEXAS

We Love Serving You & for You!

Powered by an American Phoenix :)

No Matter What Life Throws At Me ... I Just Keep Pushing Forward - Most would never know that I've been through some of the toughest stuff ..because I always Remain Professional & do my best to stay Diligent & Productive ... <3 DL

We Deliver What You Need.. Where & When You Need It ....

Thank You for Your Faith, & Trust... as Always "You Can Bet Your Boots on Us!

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  • Referral Points - for sending your Co-Workers & Colleagues

  • Discounts for Substantial High Volume Accounts

  • Lot's of Little Extras You May Not Even Know You Want/Need

We are here to bring a whole new level to our industry by bringing back old school hard work ethics & customer service excellence.

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